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General description

The ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM implemented within Bucharest Municipality was drafted in accordance with the requirements of SR EN ISO 14001/2005 standards and has the role of improving the environmental performances of our organization, in the purpose of:
increasing the prestige of the institution;
making aware and assuming the problems of environmental protection, by offering a well organized framework for environmental management issues;
ensuring best-quality services for town citizens, thus improving the organization’s image and its relations with different partners

The Environmental Management System is documented, applied and maintained in order to permanently ensure the compliance with the legislation in force. The implementation of the Environmental Management System has been part of the strategic decisions of Bucharest Municipality general management. Therefore, the following actions have been taken:
the activities/procedures developed within the institution were identified;
the stages of the procedures and the interactions between them were identified;
national legislation applied to the corresponding field was identified;
the impact on the environment as a result of the procedures/activities developed within Bucharest Municipality, was identified;
necessary resources and information’s availability was ensured in order for the procedures to be unrolled and monitored;
the areas with risk potential for the environment within Bucharest City Hall establishment, were identified;
corresponding measures included in the environmental management program were established, through the designation of responsibilities, deadlines, financial and human resources, for the actions that are to be taken, as well as the necessary documents;
the necessary activities required for measuring, monitoring, analyzing were identified and the corresponding measures for different procedures and for achieving the planed objectives were implemented

According to ISO 14001 standards, the main steps that were followed, are:

establishing the environmental policy :
mplementing and functioning of the system;
checking and establishing the collective actions;
general management system analysis

From the organizational and operational point of view, following these stages meant following the next steps:

Step 1: Preparation for the Environmental Management System draws up:
1. establishing the importance and necessity of the implementation of an Environmental Management System within the institution;
2. ensuring the necessary support (beginning with acquiring total support of the institution head management);
3. staff acquaintance;
4. establishing the application area and the depth level of the Environmental Management System;
5. defining the environmental policy

Step 2: The achievement of the ENVIRONMENTAL INITIAL ANALISYS
1. establishing the legislative framework ;
2. inventorying and examining all existing environmental management procedures and processes
3. inventorying the environmental issues and identifying the significant ones;
4. analysis of the weak and strong points

Step 3: The drawing up and implementation of the system:
1. establishing an action plan;
2. developing an implementation strategy;

Step 4: Protecting and improving the system:
1. internal audit;
2. head management made analysis;
3. improvement plans;

THE ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY: The quality of the performed services for the municipality population, and the environmental protection, are closely related to the sustainable development strategy of the city and to the defining values of Bucharest Municipality.

The first stage in the Environmental Management System implementation in Bucharest Municipality was the elaboration of the ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY by the General Mayor.
The General Mayor of Bucharest Municipality, in The Statement of Environmental Policy, established the environmental policy, document in which there have been stipulated the general objectives concerning the environmental protection. The General Mayor, Traian Basescu presented on 12.03.2004 and signed the statement.

The General Mayor, in order to make sure that the environmental policy is understood, implemented and maintained by all the organizational structures within Bucharest Municipality, has decided on the following:
notification of the environmental policy and of the established objectives to the whole staff and staff training in this matter
inclusion in every employee’s job report of the explicit responsibilities regarding the observance of the Environmental Management System settlement
notification of the environmental policy drawn up by Bucharest Municipality, to the suppliers

The statement on the original environmental policy was updated and signed by the present General Mayor Adriean Videanu, on May 16, 2005. In order to be both efficient and effective this statement is periodically analyzed and revised so that it should render exactly any modification of conditions and information that may come up in time.

Trained, aware and competitive, Bucharest Municipality employees will take into consideration the prevention policy and reduction of the impact on the environment generated by all the activities and processes unrolled within our institution.


The initial environmental analysis represents step 2 of the Environmental Management System establishment and implementation. The initial environmental analysis carried out by the implementation unit of the environmental management system within our institution examined 2 integrant issues:
1. evaluation of environmental applications at Bucharest Municipality level to identify the specific operational and system procedures
2. identification through inspections and direct observations of the
environmental problems existent within Bucharest Municipality, which represented the field of application in which the Environmental Management System was implemented, on the purpose to establish the significant environmental issues that became further the object of THE ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT PROGRAM

The Initial Environmental Analysis has contained a description of the environment in which the institution is situated and it has reviewed the manner in which the functioning of the institution affects the main environmental factors: water, air, soil, waste, landscape, and ecosystem.
The Initial Environmental Analysis has led not only to pointing out the sectors, which need improvements, but also to specifying the manner in which the concrete environmental issues of these sectors would be approached and solved, framing as correctly as possible in the established organization’s financial resources and time limits.


The objectives and targets of the Environmental Management Program have been stated based on the Environmental Initial Analysis results.
The Environmental Policy was the main element taken permanently into consideration in the objectives and the targets’ specification. A coherent relation was established between them and the policy because lack of coherence between these elements would have led to dysfunction of the Environmental Management Systems with negative effects on the environmental performance’s continuous improvement of our organization.


The institution that develops and implements an Environmental Management System has to establish an Environmental Management Program, according to ISO 14001 requirements. The Environmental Management Program has stated the deadlines, the financial and human resources, the responsibilities for accomplishing the stated objectives and targets. It has also identified the specific actions, in the order of their priority in the organization.
These actions have referred to projects, processes, services or specific utilities. There are 5 established objectives and 14 targets related to them in Bucharest Municipality’s management program.
The Management Program has been known and approved by the institution’s top management.

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The Environmental Management System’s documents in Bucharest Municipality have been drawn up by the consultant of Total Quality Consult SRL and consist of :
- Environmental Management’s Manual
- General procedures 11
- Specific procedures 2



- Suceava
- Cluj - Napoca
- Bucharest
- Arad


LLOYD’S REGISTER did the pre-certification documentary audit on June 9, 2005. Corrective actions were taken in the perspective of the certification, following the audit’s conclusions.

LLOYD’S REGISTER did the certification audit during July 7 – 11, 2005. Taking in the account the audits results, the audit report has recommended the certification according to ISO 14000 of the Environmental Management System in Bucharest Municipality, based on the conclusions reached.

The certificate issued by LLOYD’S REGISTER was handed over to Bucharest Municipality’s management on 28.07.2005.

Bucharest City Hall - Department for Environmental Protection and Eco-Civic Education - Phone/Fax 00 40 21 30 555 24