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       At this moment for Romania it is of great importance solving it's environmental problems and implementing certified Environmental Management Systems, according as her approaching to the European standards.
       The first ISO 14001 certified companies were those acting in the industry field, whose politics and technologies should have improved and updated so that their products to remain competitive.

       Implementing of an Environmental Management System requires more motivations and targets, such as:

- improving the organisation's image for clients and governamental and local organisms;

- planning the investments;

- increasing the competitiveness;

- identifying and controlling the aspects, the impacts and the environmental risks;

- identifying the environmental opportunities, montitoring and continuously improving the environmental performance

 This motivations and targets, as the preocupation for environment and the quality of services have became priorities also for the public administrative organizations, one's actually being in the process of elaborating and implementing Environmental Management Systems according to ISO 14001 (we can mention here BCH).

  So, implementing of an Environmental Management System becomes an aim for most of the competitive companies and reflects a real concern for a sustainable development.

Bucharest City Hall - Department for Environmental Protection and Eco-Civic Education - Phone/Fax 00 40 21 30 555 24