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The declared aim of Europe's municipalities, including the Bucharest City Hall, is to promote and proactively support sustainable urban development. In line with this policy, the Bucharest Municipality is currently implementing ECOMARKET, a pilot innovative and demonstrative project that propose, for the first time in Romania, an integrated approach of the issues concering environmental management systems, eco-labelling and development of ecological products and services models.

Coordinated by the Bucharest City Hall, ECOMARKET is implemented in partnership with the Danish environmental consultancy COGITA, which offers expertise in the field of retail trade eco-labelling. Lloyd's Register Romania, as a co-financier, and the Romanian Consulting Company AUDITECO, with an extensive experience in building and implementing environmental systems, in the first stage.

Statement from the General Mayor of Bucharest

LIFE Environment Project

ECOMARKET is a two-year project, implemented in the framework of the European Union's Financial Instrument for the Environment -LIFE III, LIFE Environment Component. The overral goal of the project is to minimize the environmental impact of food markets (FMs) that permanently operate or partially open spaces, and to demonstrate how eco-labels can be an effective instrument toward sustainability.

To reach the above-mentioned goal, ECOMARKET has four interrelated objectives:

To introduce and certify an environmental management system (EMS) in conformance with the ISO 14001 requirements within the largest local public administration in Romania - the Bucharest City Hall
To elaborate a food market ecological model and to implement this model into two pilot FMs
To design, test and evaluate an environmental assessment method and sustainability indicators in order to obtain a voluntary eco-labelling scheme (VES) for retail shops located in FMs
Dissemination of the project results


Bucharest City Hall - Department for Environmental Protection and Eco-Civic Education - Phone/Fax 00 40 21 30 555 24