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Bucharest City Hall (BCH)

The main responsibility of the BCH, as a local public administration authority, in the environmental field. In the environmental field is ensuring a healthy environment to the Bucharest citizens. This is done by: developing programs for environmental protection, conservation and recovery, ensuring highly qualitative community services, implementing a sustainable environmental policy that would lead to the improvement of the health and living conditions. Our goal is always to find and implement sustainable solutions to the city’s current problems.

Contact Person:  Mrs. Stelian Ifrim , Project Manager

Contact details:   Phone: +40 21 30 555 24,

E-mail: mediu@bucuresti-primaria.ro

Web page: www.pmb.ro,

Address: 47 Regina Elisabeta Bvd, 050018, Bucharest 5, ROMANIA




COGITA - Creating environmental solutions for the future

With roots in the environmental movement, COGITA is today a modern knowledge based company offering professional and sustainable solutions on a not-for-profit basis. COGITA is a fund established in 2001 as a continuation of the activities in “The Enviromental Shop” an independent urban ecological centre established in 1995. Today, COGITA is a consultancy offering solutions to a broad spectrum of tasks with the aim of sustainability. Our business areas are primarily environmental communication & competence, local Agenda 21 and eco-friendly transport solutions. COGITA performs tasks for government departments, counties and local authorities as well as private companies, institutions and organizations.
COGITA has an extensive Danish and European network and performs tasks for government departments, counties and local authorities as well as private companies, institutions and organizations. It is our distinctive mark that we have an extensive interdisciplinary approach to the solution of the tasks - besides traditional tools within environmental techniques, we attach great importance into working with strategy, process and communication.

Contact Person:  Mr. Morten Rettig, Executive Manager

Contact details:   Phone: +45 66 143348,

                                E-mail: mr@cogita.dk

Web page: www.cogita.dk,

Address: Vestergade 48.1, Odense C, DENMARK



Lloyd’s Register is an independent risk management organisation that works to improve its worldwide clients quality, safety, environmental and business performance. Lloyd’s Register expertise and activities cover all fields.

Component of the Lloyd’s Register group, the organisational structure undertaking management systems certification (quality, environment, etc.) is Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).

Contact person ROMANIA:               Mr. Petrisor Jechel,

Contact details ROMANIA:                Phone: +40 21 2240040,

E-mail: Petrisor.Jechel@lr.org

Web page: www.lrqa.com,

Address: 355 – 357 Calea Grivitei Str., 010717, Bucharest.


Bucharest City Hall - Department for Environmental Protection and Eco-Civic Education - Phone/Fax 00 40 21 30 555 24