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Two of the components of the ECOMARKET Project are devoted to the development and implementation of an Ecological Food Market Model (FMEM) and of a Voluntary Eco-labelling Scheme (VES) for retail shops located in food markets.

Advantages of the FMEM and VES:

 -      Increased consumer trust in the quality of products and services offered

 -      Reduced impact on the environment and human health

 -      Enhanced capacity to meet the European Unionís environmental standards


The FMEM and VES consist of a series of criteria that have to be accomplished to a certain degree in order to be certified as Ecological Food Market or Eco-labelled Shop. The evaluation of the way food markets and retail shops respectively fulfill the criteria is done according to a scoring system that takes into account the different parameters and indicators, based on their environmental relevance. Both schemes are developed based on European models, and they are adapted to the Romanian circumstances.

The FMEM and VES base on the following environmental parameters: energy, water, noise-smell, assortment, internal consumption, occupational health and safety and environmental management.

Ecological market model, EMM General Description

Pilot locations

The Food Market Ecological Model is implemented in two pilot locations:

   -    Obor Food Market, sector 2

images 2004:

images 2005:

   -    Domenii Food Market, sector 1

images 2004:

images 2005:



Questionnaire food market

The Voluntary Eco-labelling Scheme is implemented in five pilot sites:

   -   Cristim, Domenii Food Market

   -   Kaviar House, Domenii Food Market

   -   GTR GROUP, Domenii Food Market

   -   MEDA PROD, Obor Food Market



EAM Questionnaire for RETAIL SHOPS

Questionnaire RETAIL SHOPS

For detailed information (set of criteria, environmental assessment method, technical guide) please check again in September 2004.


Bucharest City Hall - Department for Environmental Protection and Eco-Civic Education - Phone/Fax 00 40 21 30 555 24