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Eco-labelling of supermarkets in the Nordic countries

The Nordic countries, consisting of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, started the development of a common voluntary Eco-label called "the Swan" in 1989.

The label covers individual criteria both for different kinds of products like paper, cleaning agents etc. , and for services/ businesses like hotels or restaurants. In June 2003, the Nordic Eco-labelling Council finalised a set of criteria and rules applicable for eco-labelling of Supermakets.

By being Swan-labelled, supermarkets in the Nordic countries can send a signal to consumers saying : "Here is the proof for being one of the most environmentally friendly choices when shopping for groceries and other products that you need on a daily basis".

The results of the Swan-labelling the supermarkets are:

  • Consumers will find it easier to make an environmentally good choice;
    The environmental impact of supermarkets in the Nordic countries will be reduced.
    Eco-labelling of retail trade in the EU countries
  • In 2002, the official European Eco-label, the Flower, managed by the EU Eco-labelling Board (EUEB), celebrated it's 10 th anniversary.
  • Almost at the same time, COGITA began working on the project ECOTRADE, co-financed by EU, through the LIFE- Environment program. The objective of ECOTRADE is to develop a set of criteria that can be used by EUEB to implement an official eco-label for retail for shops in the EU.

The expected results of the project's implementation are:

  • An environmental assessment method for retail trade;
  • A voluntary eco-labelling scheme (to be completed in 2004);
  • A reduction in the environmental impact of retail trade.

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